this is a waterfall.water flows down rocks like this picture.

this is the  beach doesn’t it look so relaxing it is a  place where you can make sandcastles and swim.



the  sun is setting and the sky is turning to orange. the sun

always sets in the west and rises in the east.



this is  such a good sight to see mountains and look there is shadows of the trees shown on the water.




when the sun sets it gets dark and the moon comes out. the sky also turn to the colour purple.



this is a butterfly. it looks so beautiful. i have never seen butterflies this close before  as they fly away




these are  seashells they are usually found at the beach.  sometimes seashells have sounds we  just need to put it near our ears.



i think this picture is a coral reef what do you think it is?well anyway i love nature as they are pretty  do you think the same way too ?


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