A stomach ache

today at school for first break we played bulldog 1 2 3. the people who is  incharged of that game, is to give us numbers and they will call out some number and they  are the catchers.The people who tries to catch somebody they have to say bulldog 1 2 3 without grabbing them. the place where  we could be save is to touch opposite walls.  after that we went back to  class.after a few hours it  was time  for lunch.Then Danisia had a stomach ache and  she had only  sausages to eat so  I gave her  my oreo and Gethin gave his shortbread to her.after lunch  me and Fauz saw Ella so we thought of playing with her.She was sitting down and doing her song so we helped. We only did the first verse because it was time to go back .to class.


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