in manchester

yesterday  I went to Manchester and went to the stadium. I saw a shop and saw t-shirts.They were  terribly expensive so we did not buy anything. after the stadium I went to the city centre.There were alot of shops.I went into a shopping centre and it was terrific. There was some  coconut trees there too.There were alot of  thai restaurants.I went to ChaoBaby. The food was  nice.Then I  went to hard rock cafe.We bought shirts. Then  I went to Piccadilly station to go and see the fountain outside a garden but when we reached we  did not know our way through so my dad went to see  where it was and he found it but when we drove down we could not find it so we skipped  it and went on to the next station.We went to a place where there were alot of indian restaurants.  We bought greoceries there. For dinnner we bought kebabs.Finally we went back home. It wasa tiring day for all of us  so we went to sleep as  soon as we got back.


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