a fine sunday

today there  was no school as it Sunday.So we decided to go  to Morrisons. We have  to buy some stuff like vegetables and stuff for the poor. We bought colgate lettuce and stuff like that. finally we came back home.I started looking for other stuff for the poor but it was lunch time for me so I looked for the things after my lunch.


A stomach ache

today at school for first break we played bulldog 1 2 3. the people who is  incharged of that game, is to give us numbers and they will call out some number and they  are the catchers.The people who tries to catch somebody they have to say bulldog 1 2 3 without grabbing them. the place where  we could be save is to touch opposite walls.  after that we went back to  class.after a few hours it  was time  for lunch.Then Danisia had a stomach ache and  she had only  sausages to eat so  I gave her  my oreo and Gethin gave his shortbread to her.after lunch  me and Fauz saw Ella so we thought of playing with her.She was sitting down and doing her song so we helped. We only did the first verse because it was time to go back .to class.

french breakfast

today I had a french breakfast at school.We needed to pay three pounds for it.We had  bread with orange juice and croissants.The croissants were big.For the normal bread I put chocolate on top and for the croissants I put butter .After french breakfast, we got play time but that was not our usual timing for break.We had extra break time hurray!I played swingers with FAUZ,SAM andDANISA.Its a game when we all hold hands  and swing around.Then we played mother and father.While we were playing I saw my friends crying. I asked my other friend and she told me they were playing something that my teacher dislikes and when he came to them they ran away from him.Then he saw  them and talked to them then he forgave them.It was a  fun day.I love school days


the grey squirrel

Today I saw a grey squirrel in my school.  As today I did not go swimming my mother came to fetch me in school itself. The time my mother came is the same  time as the swimming coach comes. So I  went with my mother back  home.That is when I saw the squirrel.My mother took a picture  of it. I went  to take a closer look but it ran away.I t went so fast, I did not see it climb up.I then saw it jumping from tree to tree.


in manchester

yesterday  I went to Manchester and went to the stadium. I saw a shop and saw t-shirts.They were  terribly expensive so we did not buy anything. after the stadium I went to the city centre.There were alot of shops.I went into a shopping centre and it was terrific. There was some  coconut trees there too.There were alot of  thai restaurants.I went to ChaoBaby. The food was  nice.Then I  went to hard rock cafe.We bought shirts. Then  I went to Piccadilly station to go and see the fountain outside a garden but when we reached we  did not know our way through so my dad went to see  where it was and he found it but when we drove down we could not find it so we skipped  it and went on to the next station.We went to a place where there were alot of indian restaurants.  We bought greoceries there. For dinnner we bought kebabs.Finally we went back home. It wasa tiring day for all of us  so we went to sleep as  soon as we got back.

a birthday and a bad day

Today it was my mother’s birthday. In the morning before I went to school I had cake.It was my lucky day! hahahhaa! I gave my mother a present. Finally it was time to go to school.Today it was not a very good day for my friend Fauz. At break, Gethin ,Isabella,Chloe and Ella were writing a song and Fauz went to join in but they  did not let  her. She was very sad so I went play with her as I did not have anything to do anyways. We raked the leaves to one side and played helicopter.It was really amazing that a kind of leaf could spin. after that we went back to class. We all continued our  colouring and then went back to our lessons.We all did Geography.

at school

today at school,i had a lot of fun. For PE some girls like Fauz and Bethany and the boys  played football and the rest of us  played with other  things like hulahoops,tennis,skip rope and frisbi.I chose  the hulahoop.I was splendid! the others took the hulahoops and tried but only some of them got it while  some did not.  I could do one,two,three,four hulahoops on my hips.My teacher told me it absolutely impossible to spin four hulahoops on my  hips but he was wrong because I could do  it! he could not believe that I did it. I could even walk with them on  my hips.

A day in Caernarfon

My pokka dots weliies

Today  i went  to Caernarfon and  went  into a  shop.I was looking for wellies and  i saw one which is my size. I  took  it but  the  soles were looking slippery. So we changed  the wellies  to something that has  better soles!! Hurray:)