Nature’s Touch


2017-02-24-22-14-22 Picture not taken by me ūüôā

Hello Everyone!

How are you all? Today, instead of just posting a picture, I will also be talking briefly about appreciating nature and your surrounding environment.

There are many people out there who take nature for granted. Every morning you wake up and you get to see the sun so now a days there are many people who don’t take much notice of the sun as they see it everyday.

However, even though some things in life might be there forever, it is always good to be thankful for the beauty in your life.

You will be surprised to find that nature can bring great joy to oneself.

Looking up at the sky once in a while, gazing at the night sky admiring the stars and the moon.

If you have never really taken notice, why don’t you start now?♡ You might find that…

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my birthday

on my birthday I bought 2 cakes, potato chips and  Ferrero Roche and brought it to my school. Just before break time my teacher took out all the stuff and laid it out on the table. everyone got each of the goodies I brought. They liked the goodies I brought and thanked me. Outside I took pictures with my best friends. What my friends did not know is that I got another cake so once we came back from  lunch, I secretly took the second cake and distributed it to all the teachers as well as my friends. I would say this was my best day ever. my next birthday, I may do a  birthday party so be there my lovingly friends!!!

last day in school

Today was the last day of school and i was very sad.Everybody had a  card  from  Elisha and Gethin.For assembly we sang and sang christmas songs.I love to sing and some of the children played the piano.At 11.oo clock there was a  special activity going on.After that we went into the hall again to sing more songs as it was the last day of school.At the end  of the  day we had a goodie bag from MR GASH and there was chocolate coins and balls to eat,we also had some cards in a pack.


this is a waterfall.water flows down rocks like this picture.

this is the¬† beach doesn’t it look so relaxing it is a¬† place where you can make sandcastles and swim.



the  sun is setting and the sky is turning to orange. the sun

always sets in the west and rises in the east.



this is  such a good sight to see mountains and look there is shadows of the trees shown on the water.




when the sun sets it gets dark and the moon comes out. the sky also turn to the colour purple.



this is a butterfly. it looks so beautiful. i have never seen butterflies this close before  as they fly away




these are  seashells they are usually found at the beach.  sometimes seashells have sounds we  just need to put it near our ears.



i think this picture is a coral reef what do you think it is?well anyway i love nature as they are pretty  do you think the same way too ?


today at first break¬† we had wet play which means we cannot play out side so we played things indoors.Chloe and Isabella played chess but Chloe didn’t know how to play it in the first¬† place.She was moving the items in the wrong places where it should¬† not be. then my friend asked her whether she even knew how to play chess and she admitted that she didn’t even know how to and she got very upset as some of them were¬†asking her why did she¬† even play when she didn’t know how to. i went to console her.

went to asda

Next week there is A Indian festival which is called Deepavali. So we went to Asda to buy some sweet things to make on that day. We needed red sugar, flour, essence to make delicious jelly and once we finished we went to the fancy shop to buy a pair of wings for my play in school for christmas

I went to the momorial arch

today there was a exclusion for the y3,y4,y5 and is a trip to  the momorial arch. the momorial arch is about the reremberence of the soldiers who died  in world war 1 and other wars which  they fought to protect their own countries.there was alot of poppies there. the reason behind that is when the soldiers died there was blood that looks like a poppy.

finally back to school

today i woke up  at  7.30 a.m as today i finally get back to school! i changed into my uniforms and went to school. we did assembly and went back to class. we did not do much studing today  as today we had to do our play in the hall. we are doing the play on chrismas as it is about chrismas day but before we could finish the play it was break time for us so we went to play. i played leaves  pile. it is a game where you rake up leaves into a humongous pile and then jump in it. it was such great fun. then we returned back to our play, we  have forgotten where we were and started again. finally  it was time for my favourite time of all swimming !


today i went to tesco buy stuff for dinner as we were cooking fish sambal tonight. for lunch i had maggie. in tesco i bought fish beacause how could anyone make fish sambal without fish? then we bought  cabbage, cookies and chocolates. i was very happy as tomorrow i get to show my chrismas box to  my teacher  but i am also sad as there was no snow today as  the weather forecast said that there was no rain today.


today was a terrific day as today was a  snowy day but it was not really snow it  is called hale infact. here is the picture:

this  picture shows hale which is very hard when it falls on your head especially. i love snow as it is very fun but cold.we could sled down hills ,make snowmans,snow angles and snowballs.Since we  were in the attic, we did not know it was snow while it was was falling we thought it was just a heavy rain but when we came down we saw white stuff in my backyard so I went out wearing my wellies and played in it but not of course on the ground instead we jumped.